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'Have Harmony, Will Travel' Review

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Have Harmony, Will Travel Terry Roland's thoughtful and informative review of 'Have Harmony, Will Travel' at No Depression Americana and Roots Music's website is well worth reading - do that here (quoted from www.nodepression.com) or check out the original No Depression Americana Roots and Music review page for context, other reviews and information...

No Depression Americana and Roots Music
April 26, 2013
"Have Harmony, Will Travel"
Carla Olson
Busted Flat Records (BUSTED067)

(excerpt - read the full article and review at No Depression Americana and Roots Music)
After several years producing albums for artists like Manfred Mann's Paul Jones,Phil Upchurch, Joe Louis Walker and Ana Gazzola Olson returns to the spotlight with Have Harmony, Will Travel. The album is produced by Olson with a strong orientation of tribute toward her singer-songwriter past including friends and peers like Peter Case, Juice Newton, John York, Scott Kempner of The Del Lords, Barry Goldberg, Richie Furay and Rob Waller of I See Hawks in L.A. From the opening track featuring Juice Newton Radney Foster's "You Can Come Cryin' To Me, " everyone's in it for the fun and good time of it. It's a kind of cosmic Americana party.

The album is immediately accessible and contemporary with nods and production tributes to The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Buddy, Holly, Springsteen and Gene Clark. Olson shows a rare generosity for her duet partners allowing them to take the spotlight on songs like the tinged Del Shannon song, "Keep Searchin'," with Plimsoul's Peter Case Richie Furay and Olson demonstrate their mutual love for Gene Clark on the gorgeous, "She Don't Care About Time". With John York's 12-String Byrds influenced solo and Richard Podolor's beautiful mandolin part, it's hard not to imagine Clark smiling somewhere higher than the eights miles high he once sang about. James Intveld and Olson's vocal and arrangement on the rarely heard Buddy Holly tune, "Love's Made A Fool of You," reimagines the vocal through the tight harmony influence of The Everly Brothers. Her country leanings are highlighted on the Don Williams classic "Till the Rivers All Run Dry," with Rob Waller lending his natural country voice. The Del Lords' Scott Kempler pulls out all the stops on the big Springsteen style production of Stevie Van Zandt's "All I Needed Was You." Two highlights for fans of 60's folk-rock is Peter Case and Olson's performance on the Moby Grape classic, "8:05," and John York's heartfelt and passionate performance of P.F. Sloan's "Upon A Painted Ocean." Both songs are overlooked classics and the versions on this album are poignant reminders of gems of the past.

As much a tribute album to many of her friends and heroes of the past, Have Harmony, Will Travel is a celebration of joy and energy. The album and her career is the embodiment of how an artist can bring her gifts and talents to enlarge the American soundscape we walk along today. Carla Olson's return to this spotlight shows her willing to share and even shine the light on others deserving of recognition as well. Have Harmony, Will Travel is easily among the best Americana releases of 2013. Carla Olson as a producer, solo artist and collaborator is among the finest talents on the American music scene over the last four decades.

Reviewer: Terry Roland
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